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  • I am doing web programming in PHP since 2010 and love to learn different things in PHP.
  • So far I have explored Laravel, Yii, Zend, Cake php and Codigniter frameworks. I also created own MVC framework.
  • Recently(mid 2013) started Python (for just about anything).
  • Currently learning Micro service Architect with Yii2 and React (Not my thing, but looks interesting).
  • Like to work with APIs. Recently created one SDK for Kayako in Python.
  • If talked about my experiences with APIs, So far I got chance to explore Facebook Graph API, Facebook FBML, Twilio, Yahoo Pipes, Google Maps and Google TTs etc.
  • Used database libraries like PDO and Doctrine in frameworks in order to achieve data security.
  • Worked on Photoshop, HTML and CSS. I also believe its better to use an opensource template engine like Smarty and Dwoo
  • Enjoying the work of JavaScript, though the places where it’s simply Not Python make me sad (and yet, illogically, I still tend to prefer working with JavaScript and its libraries like Jquery and mootool etc).
  • I care about performance. It’s a feature. Maybe that’s part of the reason why I like working in Python.
  • Got exposure about proxies and scraping and developed reputation management system.


A simple PHP library for handling Emoji   Open Source

An emoji encoder/parser for Laravel 5. This will encode and decode html to unified and vice versa. In order to handle emojies in database where you care about light weight things, performance and don't want to use blob data type.

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Few solutions to understand big O notation and data structure in more depth   Open Source

This repository represents my solutions to algorithmic tasks. All tasks are in Php/Python and trying to achieve best optimal performance, at best possible big O time and space complexity.

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Mobile wallet REST API with Slim framework and Eloquent ORM   Open Source

This app provides wallet functionalities with REST Api. It handles the common tasks of get balance, Pay/Withdrawal, topup/deposit and transfer money to ones account.

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Login system with flask and MongoDB   Open Source

This app provides user session management for Flask. It handles the common tasks of logging in, logging out, and remembering your users' sessions over extended periods of time.

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Find Git Email   Open Source

It's a well-known fact (or at least it should be) that everything you push to a public GitHub repository is public. This includes a lot of information other than just source files. Since both Git and GitHub require you to provide an email address, it should be no surprise that this information is public as well. FindGitEmail (catchy title, I know) is a simple script that queries the GitHub API and guesses a given user's email address based on their public activity. The script is a bit of a hack; sorry if your eyes are bleeding. FindGitEmail makes it easy to get in contact with open source developers. Please use it for good, not evil.

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Kayako Fusion, Case and Engage Releases

From last 5 years I am handling release management of Kayako 4 and also playing vital role in enhancing overall Support, which includes explicit guidance to support staff, assisting with escalated client issues and out of the box requirements. My last major release was 4.80.

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Kayako Python API library    Open Source

Jumped into the python SDK project and took upfront ownership to revamp it, resolve issues affecting client businesses and delivered added value to Kayako. It was awesome experience to learn new language and achieve something beyond the scope.

  • Documentation: http://wiki.kayako.com/display/DEV/Python+API+Library
  • Project tracker: http://dev.kayako.com/browse/PYTHONAPI

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Html2Text    Open Source

Contributing in a PHP library for converting HTML to formatted plain text.

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Work Experience

Full Stack Engineer - Drive Yello Pty LTD (July 2018 - Till Now)

Yello helps businesses provide a last mile delivery service to their customers. Business can choose to use the Yello platform to either manage their own fleet or book a courier for a shift or a single delivery

Developer Programmer - Shinehub Pty LTD (2018 - July 2018)

The Solar energy equipment supplier in Australia.

Product Engineer - Kayako (2012 - 2018)

The unified customer service platform that the whole company can use to communicate with their customers.

Senior Programmer - Softobiz (2010 - 2012)

Softobiz Technologies is a leading organization among the IT organizations supplying its products along with the services in the form of Product development and Web-Application development.

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